On October 21st, at 4AM in the morning – the restaurant that the NJ Shore BMW Riders have been meeting at for 15+ years suffered a bad fire. The restaurant, Schneider’s in Avon NJ is just now talking with their insurance company to see if rebuilding is possible. Our club podium and club gavel survived.… Continue reading Disaster!

Oktoberfest 2017

The NJ Shore BMW Riders would like to welcome all BMW Riders to join us in our annual Oktoberfest Weekend in the Bavarian Catskills. Once again, we’re honoring the actual date of when Oktoberfest begins in Germany (September 16th in Munich) – and planning on excellent September riding weather! It’s Friday dinner to lunch Sunday, September… Continue reading Oktoberfest 2017

Annual Milage Awards – 2015

Coming as a surprise to everyone at the awards dinner Gulya (George) Szatmari took first place in the annual club mileage awards – with a total mileage of 20,625 miles. Second place was Don Eilenberger (16,986) and third place was Herb Konrad (15,329 miles.) Last place was Mike Kowal with 448 miles – a great… Continue reading Annual Milage Awards – 2015

Cross Country Open House

by Jim Thomasey On Saturday, November 28 Cross Country BMW offered the club a table and exposure during their open house weekend event. The showroom traffic seemed very heavy this year compared to last and we had a prime spot near all the new bikes on the second floor. All the BMW customers visiting the… Continue reading Cross Country Open House

Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

– By RD Swanson I suppose a Pumpkin Run must feature some sort of running pumpkins, but I won’t find out this year. Capt. Don, Dan and I started south from Mayberry and met Herb and Mike at our Wawa where a bunch of guys were peeing in the bushes. They are renovating and only… Continue reading Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

Cruise Control for my 2015 F800GS

– by Roger Trendowski After having an electronic cruise control on my 2004 R1150GSA, I decided I couldn’t live without it on my new F800GSA. It feels “so good” on those long trips. I figured that there must be more units available in the past 9 years since I installed my last one… “wrong.” There… Continue reading Cruise Control for my 2015 F800GS