Cross Country Open House

by Jim Thomasey On Saturday, November 28 Cross Country BMW offered the club a table and exposure during their open house weekend event. The showroom traffic seemed very heavy this year compared to last and we had a prime spot near all the new bikes on the second floor. All the BMW customers visiting the… Continue reading Cross Country Open House

Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

– By RD Swanson I suppose a Pumpkin Run must feature some sort of running pumpkins, but I won’t find out this year. Capt. Don, Dan and I started south from Mayberry and met Herb and Mike at our Wawa where a bunch of guys were peeing in the bushes. They are renovating and only… Continue reading Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

Cruise Control for my 2015 F800GS

– by Roger Trendowski After having an electronic cruise control on my 2004 R1150GSA, I decided I couldn’t live without it on my new F800GSA. It feels “so good” on those long trips. I figured that there must be more units available in the past 9 years since I installed my last one… “wrong.” There… Continue reading Cruise Control for my 2015 F800GS