Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

– By RD Swanson

I suppose a Pumpkin Run must feature some sort of running pumpkins, but I won’t find out this year. Capt. Don, Dan and I started south from Mayberry and met Herb and Mike at our Wawa where a bunch of guys were peeing in the bushes. They are renovating and only pumping gasoline, so the sanitary facilities are closed.

There were a few sprinkles as we began our journey but not to worry, the forecast said no rain. Then a few more sprinkles, but I figured it was an aberration and would soon clear. The sky seemed brighter as we entered the great pine forest, but the sprinkles turned to rain. This couldn’t be! The further south we went the heavier the rain. Finally Don pulled into one of those South Jersey mega-diners filled with a different sort of people. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is a different culture in the swampy south.

The food was diner food, not too good but not too bad and very plentiful. We had a few laughs, solved some of the world’s problems and decided to forego the pumpkin thingie.

The rain continued north until we arrived at the Wawa at the intersect of routes 539 and 70. Then the rain stopped. Magic.

The wet weather did somewhat justify my spending a small fortune to purchase a Falstaff riding suit from Rider Wearhouse. I went to their show of gear and opportunity for a custom fitting in West Jersey in September. I didn’t need more motorcycle stuff, but you know how it is. You just can’t resist. I intended to try the Darien suit, lighter or heavier and had not even considered the Falstaff, which is waxed Beltstaff cotton. But I liked the look, the feel and the style of it and so took the plunge.

rds falstaff

This was only the second time wearing it. It is very comfortable. And it sheds water just like a freshly waxed car in the rain. It beads and when you jump the drops roll right off. It will be my suit of choice in future. Anybody want to buy a very used but still viable Aerostich suit?

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