NJSBMWR Turf Defended

November 15

by Harry M Costello

AS promised earlier this year when the New Sweden club violated our turf the intrusion has been answered in spades. After riding unopposed deep into the heart of New Sweden Country and enjoying a lunch at PJ Whelihan’s in Medford NJ the marauding troop doubled back on it’s path and headed to the command center of New Sweden activity.

After a short ride back East and a swift blitzkrieg movement into the parking lot the small strip mall fell quickly under our control. After inspection we determined the eating place (Upper Crust) might be acceptable for perhaps a Guzzi club, but was well below the standards of a Charted BMW Club. It’s commonly accepted that the only German product that comes close to German Motorcycles is German food and meeting at Schneider’s Restaurant provides that cuisine and a monthly welcome for our meetings.


Naturally we took some pictures of the occupied area, some attached but the ones where the ground troops became a little rude have been omitted.

EDIT: All existing pictures of this raid other than the two posted have been destroyed using the H Clinton E-mail eraser system (IE: they never existed, and I can prove it). I should also state that urinating in/on a public place is illegal and not considered an acceptable action for a BMW motorcycle mounted gentleman.

Not that anything happened – just saying.

Breakfast Rides Into Burlington County

by Ben Paraan

Jersey Shore riders participated in 3 consecutive weekends of riding and eating at various establishments in Burlington County, in the heart of New Sweden’s home court.

The first excursion, or more appropriately, an incursion, was a “revenge ride” organized by Harry in retaliation for an unsanctioned New Sweden ride to Mott’s Creek Inn, located in Jersey Shore territory.

The plan called for a breakfast ride to PJ Whelihan’s in Medford followed by a short hop to the Upper Crust, the Swedish headquarters, where the Shoremen posed like Maori warriors doing a Haka dance. An ample number of pics were taken at both places to placate Harry. Proof was posted on Facebook so New Sweden can exact measures against the perpetrators.

The following weekend, a more civilized sit down between the clubs took place at Mount Holly’s Robin’s Nest. The Swedes turned out to be gracious hosts, even coming out to meet us as we parked our bikes.

We were a bit nervous as New Sweden came out in force, numbering about 30 to our six. The staff of Robin’s Nest was swamped but we managed to be seated last but get served first, much to the chagrin of the lords of New Sweden.

Grant and Greg used their gift of gab to convince our waiter that we were the guests of honor. After the meal, we managed to skip out on the photo shoot called for by their president and roll fast through Medford, Shamong, Hammonton, Batsto Village, and Chatsworth, laying waste of more New Sweden territory.

Today, New Sweden hosted a breakfast at Amy’s Omelette House in Cherry Hill. Harry and I started our trek from the Whiting Wawa with the looming threat of Black Friday crazies driving in the environs surrounding Cherry Hill Mall.

Our worries did not come to fruition, thank god.

When told of the 90 minute wait at Amy’s, the Swedes aborted plan A and quickly formulated plan B, Silver Diner across Cherry Hill Mall. At the diner, Harry and I ended up with a booth to ourselves while the Swedes got up close and personal in their booths. During the after-breakfast ride, Harry tagged along with New Sweden while I went on my own.

Next up, an open invitation from New Sweden to join them on New Year’s Day for a pow-wow at Mott’s Creek Inn. See you there!

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