Cross Country Open House

by Jim Thomasey

On Saturday, November 28 Cross Country BMW offered the club a table and exposure during their open house weekend event. The showroom traffic seemed very heavy this year compared to last and we had a prime spot near all the new bikes on the second floor. All the BMW customers visiting the dealership had the opportunity to stop and discuss our club’s offerings with either Don, Dan, Greg, Herb, Jim, Ray, Roger and other members, who took turns working at the presentation table.

In addition to offering free 6 month memberships, (which over a half dozen attendees took advantage of) we also signed up at least 2 new full boat paying members.

Besides the most recent newsletter, guests were shown a “Top Ten” list of the benefits the club offers. Mentioned was the obvious benefit of group rides and the monthly personal meetings, the list also highlighted the fact that there are many knowledgeable members who have vast experience with the intricacies of BMW’s.

Also mentioned is the chance to have your concerns about GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and helmet speaker systems addressed.

I felt the day was quite productive in recruiting new blood and getting some positive exposure for the club. Thanks MUCH to Cross-Country for the opportunity!

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