Chilly-Chili Run 1/1/16

By Roger Trendowski

The count wasn’t final but early reports indicated that there were 435 bikes (hopefully with at least that number of riders) at the annual Chilly – Chili Motorcycle Run. The event was held again at the Ogdensburg Volunteer Fire Department. Ogdensburg is in North Jersey, just east of Sparta.

All proceeds from the Harley Club event and bike raffle are contributed to the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice located in Newton NJ. Karen Ann Quinlan was an important figure in the history of the “right to die” controversy in the United States. When she was 21, she became unconscious after consuming drugs and alcohol and lapsed into a coma.

She remained in a coma in a vegetative state. The doctors refused her parents’ request to disconnect Karen’s respirator. Her parents filed suit to disconnect Karen from life support apparatus which was the first such suit in the U.S. After finally winning the suit in the NJ State Supreme court, Karen’s respirator was disconnected but she continued to breathe unaided. With only nutrition provided via tubes she lived for 9 more years but never regained consciousness. Read more at:

I put 168 miles round trip even though Google mileage one-way is 74. A few extra miles were allocated to lunch and gas stops. I took the most direct route from Middletown/Red Bank to the Rally by heading up the GSP to Route 24 west, then 287N to I80 West, then Route 15N to 517E.

Temperature was much cooler up there in Skyland’s territory, about 10 degrees colder. My F800GSA temp. gauge said 33 degrees. As I got closer to Ogdensburg more bike-traffic appeared and upon arrival at the Fire Barn, bikes clogged the large parking lot. Unlike past years there wasn’t any snow on the ground or piled up in the parking lot. The largest group I had seen over the past 10 years was about 900-1000 attendees in 2012. The temperature was in the 50s then. With today’s temperature in the low 40’s, attendance was definitely less.

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