On October 21st, at 4AM in the morning – the restaurant that the NJ Shore BMW Riders have been meeting at for 15+ years suffered a bad fire. The restaurant, Schneider’s in Avon NJ is just now talking with their insurance company to see if rebuilding is possible.

Our club podium and club gavel survived. Our club banner almost survived – it’s badly stained by byproducts from the smoke that filled the restaurant. Despite attempts at cleaning it – it remains discolored and smelly. A new banner will be needed.

Until we know the fate of Schneider’s we aren’t making any permanent changes in our location, but we will be at least temporarily meeting at a new venue.

Our meeting place will be the Park Nine Diner – located on NJ-9 just below Freehold NJ (at the intersection of county road 524.)  We will be meeting on our normal 2nd Wednesday of the month, at our normal time (6PM to eat, meeting starts at 7:30PM) and we welcome anyone who would like to join us.

We wish the Schneider family only the best going forward – and hope they, and the loyal staff of the restaurant are up and running again shortly.

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