Oktoberfest 2017

The NJ Shore BMW Riders would like to welcome all BMW Riders to join us in our annual Oktoberfest Weekend in the Bavarian Catskills. Once again, we’re honoring the actual date of when Oktoberfest begins in Germany (September 16th in Munich) – and planning on excellent September riding weather! It’s Friday dinner to lunch Sunday, September… Continue reading Oktoberfest 2017

Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

– By RD Swanson I suppose a Pumpkin Run must feature some sort of running pumpkins, but I won’t find out this year. Capt. Don, Dan and I started south from Mayberry and met Herb and Mike at our Wawa where a bunch of guys were peeing in the bushes. They are renovating and only… Continue reading Pumpkins Running, Mays Landing, November 7th

2015 BMW National Trip

By Harry Costello –  Just something to share my ride to the 2015 Nationals in Billings. I’ll spare the reader the minutia and stick to the high points. Suffice it to say I ride 500/700 miles a day on the slabs and usually 400/500 on secondary roads, the trip was 7,200 miles long, I left… Continue reading 2015 BMW National Trip